Rhythm of Hope Outreach

Dreams of seeing a young generation of youths, especially girls, from various disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds, rise up as healthy individuals with vision, confidence and compassion.


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Our Story

Highlist since 2012

Having the program grow from 6 to 80 students (2012-2021)

Participation and achievement in International Cecchetti & AIDT Exams (2015-2018)

Collaboration with the Youth Dance Company of Tshwane through our Bursary Student program (2020- present) and participating in some of their productions in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

Hosting 4 of our own Annual Productions in collaboration with our Sister studio Rhythm of Hope Dance since 2017.

Various Dance Ministry Performances in collaboration with Moreletapark Gemeente, Doxa Deo Brooklyn and -Parkview

Our Dance Dream Holiday Workshop, our first ever fundraiser and exposure for our students to masterclasses with some of SA’s best dance instructors and industry professionals

Hope to Celebrate Event

What we do

How we do it

Weekly Dance Classes to Disadvantaged Children & Youths

Dance & Education Bursaries to Talented Youths

Intentional Identity Curriculum Training & Term-End Events

Dance & Ministry Opportunities like Exams, Annual Performances, Workshops & Outreaches

What we do








What we do

Our Mission

ROHO aims to scout and identify places in which disadvantaged children & youths have already been gathered within certain structures (like schools or orphanages) which can accommodate the regular teaching of dance classes. ROHO will then create and/or utilise it’s structures to place trained dance teachers within that organisation on a regular basis to love, inspire and teach these youths our intentional identity curriculum through dance-forms appropriate to their context. ROHO will also aim to create exam- and performance opportunities for these youths, so their training and experience will allow talented youths with legitimate dance-related opportunities for their futures.

What we do

Our Vision

Rhythm of Hope Outreach (ROHO) dreams of seeing a young generation of youths, especially girls, from various disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds, rise up as healthy individuals with vision, confidence and compassion, willing to use their unique gifts as instruments to bless and make a difference in their communities. We aim to use the tool & journey of dance to help them develop the skills necessary for this, in order to help them break cycles of disadvantage to pursue new dreams of becoming a blessing to others.

Annual Calendar Highlights

  • January: YDCT Company Auditions
  • March: ‘Belonging’ Term-End Event
  • May: Informal Mock Exams
  • June: ‘Worth’ Term-End Event
  • July: Dance Dream Holiday Workshop
  • September: Formal Cecchetti Exam Sessions/‘Competence’ Term End
  • November: Annual Year End Production with Rhythm of Hope Dance

Future Hopes & Dreams

  • To see some of the dancers/interns in our program lead/teach one day, or dance professionally and ‘give back’ with this gift they have received.
  • To take what we’ve learned in our 9 years experience at Pure Hope School and implement similar initiatives in orphanages, disadvantaged schools in South Africa.

sponsor a dancer’s year

Enable one student at ROHO’s dance education on a monthly basis, by donating the monthly/ annual cost on their behalf.

– Primary School Branches R2750 per student per year or R230 per month.
– Pro-Arte Bursary Student: R100 000 per student per year or R8300 per month.

A Closer Look

Why Dance Outreach?


Children acquire an awareness of their body and its functioning. They learn to respect their ‘God-given instrument’. Dance improves cardiovascular strength, overall fitness, flexibility, good posture, coordination and proprioception.


Ballet and dance have been proven to improve memory, musicality, imagination and creativity by linking movement combinations and stories with music.


Regular ballet classes give an emotional outlet and a healthy way to cope with stress. Besides the discipline, self-confidence and respect they gain through their personal improvement, the group classes also help develop their social skills.
We value the long-term mentoring relationships we can build with these children to intentionally instil in them ‘I AM’ values based on Biblical principals. This is achieved through the classes so that they can establish a firm personal identity for example, “I am strong, beautiful, blessed, flexible, brave, kind, humble, capable”, etc.

What we do

Spotlight Stories

He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the beggar from the ash heap, to set them among princes and make them inherit the throne of glory”.
1 Samuel 2:8 NKJV

When our girls dance I see the fulfilment of this picture before my eyes. The dance lifts them out of the dust and lets them share in God’s glory. I work with all the children in Pure Hope Primary and I can really see the difference this dance outreach makes in these girls’ sense of value for life and for themselves.

Marianda Potgieter

(former Gr4 teacher)

I can recognise that the regular dance classes help these girls develop discipline and perseverance Their self-esteem has received a boost because it makes them feel special. It empowers them because, when they dance and perform, no one can see that they come from difficult circumstances. It also opens them up to a world of opportunity they would never have had access to and gives them hope for the future. The classes also expose them to great role models in the ballet teachers. This inspires the children to want to make a difference too. We also receive wonderful feedback from their parents. They feel so proud of what their children are achieving and are so thankful for it.

Riana Andersen

(School principal)


Portia is 16 and has been dancing with us since 2013. When she first started dancing she had a hard time learning and growing from the corrections, and would sulk and cry in every class. She also struggled to accept when other’s received the prizes or acknowledgement she yearned for. However, over the years it has been so exciting to see her character and identity mature to the point where she encourages others easily, takes corrections graciously and applies them with discipline. She is dreams of going into family law and is thankful for the rigorous discipline and perseverance dance has taught her, as these will help on the rigorous academic journey to get there.


Ayanda is 14 and has been dancing with us since 2014. Her father died when she was very young and her mom is a pre-school assistant teacher. Ayanda is an exceptionally talented dancer who loves every moment of every single class. She has received distinctions in all her international ballet exams, is a bursary student at YDCT and is well on her way to dance professionally if she keeps up this passion and momentum. She would never have had this career opportunity if it were not for this dance outreach program.


Elsie is 14 and has been dancing with us since 2014. Initially she always tried to draw attention to herself by showing up at class with some sort of ‘illness’ or ‘ailment’. She used to give up easily and did not see herself as someone who was capable and confident. But over the years, it has been so satisfying to see her develop resilience and confidence. This year she received our ‘Student of the Month’ award for the way she takes on any challenge confidently and for being one of the strongest, most determined students in our program.

Board of Directors

Meet Our People

Talitha de Klerk


Talitha is a registered ISTD Cecchetti Ballet Teacher (2011-), and the founder of the Rhythm of Hope Dance Outreach Ballet Program (est. 2013). Having received ballet, modern/Jazz and Spanish training from some of the best in the South African Ballet Industry (former member of the YDCT Ballet Company 2000-2007) she loves and appreciates the discipline and artistry of classical ballet. But her years of training and touring with 13th Floor (Formerly C-Kruis (2009-2012), her time at Bethel School of Worship (July 2014), the completion of her BTH degree, and the last three years of coordinating Doxa Deo Brooklyn’s dance ministry team, has helped her witness and experience the power and effectiveness of movement and dance as ministry tool. She has a passion to help people establish their identities in Christ, through dance. Her aim and hope with this Rhythm of Hope is to uplift people’s lives and communities through excellent dance training.

Tienie Louise van Loggerenberg


Tienie-Louise has a strong personal drive to positively impact less privileged communities and is inspired by the projects undertaken by ROHO. She is an Industrial Engineer by trade, with work experience in Supply Chain & Operations consulting as well as Business Analytics and Improvement. Her strong organizational and analytical skills bring a unique perspective on problem solving and strategy in projects. Over the past 10 years, she has been involved with several upliftment projects in the Gauteng region. ROHO is close to her passion, as it combines her love for dance with the intent of uplifting underprivileged children.

Reineilwe Dube


Reneilwe is a dedicated leadership development specialist, driven by a commitment to fostering inclusive organizational cultures that empower all individuals to find their sense of belonging and excel in their unique talents. With a professional background in Industrial Engineering and a natural flair for creativity, she approaches problem-solving with both analytical precision and creative innovation.

Reneilwe’s journey into the world of arts began at a young age when she was introduced to ballet dancing at the age of eight. Over the years, her passion for dance expanded to  various genres, including Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Latin American styles. This diverse dance background has enriched her perspective and approach to life.

One of Reneilwe’s most profound beliefs is in the untapped potential of South African youth, especially in underprivileged communities. She recognises that exposure and opportunity can unlock countless dreams and untapped genius. This has inspired her to be instrumental in youth upliftment through the creative arts.

Today, Reneilwe continues to nurture her love for ballet as a doting ballet dance mom, combining her passion for dance with her dedication to creating a brighter future for the youth of South Africa.

Hendri de Klerk


As an alumni of Ernst & Young, Hendri has more than 7 years’ experience in financial and general management. Hendri is a CFP® and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. His passion is to inspire people through innovative, productive and focused administration and he currently lives out this passion as part of Ultima Financial Planner’s Management Team. As a drummer/musician, Hendri was also part of “C-Kruis” later called 13thFloor for 2 years and has a passion for upliftment through the arts and music in particular.

Judy Loedolff


Judy trained in Royal Academy of Dancing method but eventually qualified in the Cecchetti Ballet method. She achieved her Advanced 2 exams in both Ballet methods. Over the years she has danced, choreographed and taught for her own part time dance company for 6 years. She also collaborated with companies like Tshwane Dance Company and KMAD and taught for a 6 years period at Tom Arts College, performing with Tom Company in contemporary, jazz and ballet styles. She has also been a guest teacher at South African Ballet Theatre. She has also traveled to Russia three times (2011-2012) collaborating with a Russian ballet producer from St Petersburg, and has facilitated a gap year for dancers in association with Target Life Gap year in 2013, called The Stage Coach.

Lizette de Villiers


Lizette is a business consultant that specializes in call centre design, audit, turnaround programmes, management training and coaching and workforce optimisation. She is a qualified facilitator, trainer, assessor and professional graphologist and completed her Honours degree in Psychology. Lizette has participated in the design and development of the workforce optimization tool called Shadowmatch ( She is fluent in English and Afrikaans and speaks and reads basic French and Russian. Lizette did ballet for many years and has a passion for dancing. She chose to become involved in the Rhythm of Hope (ROH) initiative to contribute both strategically and in the personal development of the ROH team holistically as well as individually. Lizette believes that by empowering people with self-knowledge and enabling them to be their true selves, ultimately leads to happy and successful individuals with a positive and strong ego position.

Regina Viljoen


Although Regina has a background in IT and programming, she gradually transitioned to business management and finances, when she and her husband Gerrit started building a Financial Planning Business from home, later called Ultima Financial Planners. She later obtained her Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning in 2007 and worked as a financial planner and the practise manager, and currently serves as the CEO of the company. Since she saw the Transformation Videos released by George Otis, Jr. in 1999 she started praying for the same transformation in Tshwane. After a long struggle to know how to practice her faith at work, she realised one way was to continually reach out to the local community. Her family has been involved in reaching out to Woodlane Village, near “Moreletapark Gemeente”, through informal English, Afrikaans or Sotho Classes, assisting with life skills and teaching basic literacy skills. Many of the children dancing at Rhythm of Hope Outreach today, are from this informal settlement. Ultima Financial Planners is involved in both Pure Hope School and Rhythm of Hope Outreach.

Team Members

Meet Our People

Jacqueline Hall


With Joy Skills Development Project Manager  & Bursary Student Project Manager.

Jacqueline is a Skills Development Program Manager that has a heart for helping other find and identify skills in themselves and partnering with them to watch theses skills grow and develop. In 2018 Jacque’ did her DTS with YWAM where she worked on the community outreach team that prioritized getting to know the families in Papua New Guinea in order to identify their needs. In 2019 she staffed a backpackers DTS that moved around different locations in South East Asia and Southern Africa, spreading the gospel but mainly helping wherever help was needed, including building a library. She was a team leader on outreaches where she organized outreach opportunities for the team as well as places to stay.

After YWAM she felt a calling to Africa and development so she applied to study further to learn the different hurdles, challenges and opportunities that are currently at work in South Africa and the global community. In 2021 she finished her BAdmin in Public Management and International Relations. During this time Jacque was a model UN mentor (2021 and 2022) where she discovered a deep love for empowerment and watching people grow and discover new skills they didn’t know they had. In 2022 she finished her honors in International Relations with her research paper focusing on Quantum leadership in mediation which helped her to identify different leadership and mediation models. She plans to finish her PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) certification in 2024.

Her dream is to partner with people at the top of their fields to go into communities and partnership with the people there. To identify skills in people, empower them and help them to draw out those talents and skills and learn how to use them effectively. She is very excited and hopeful to go on the journey with With Joy as it opens the door to partner with experts and gives the opportunity for many to identify skills within themselves and grow.

Larissa Bester


Born with a love for dancing, Larissa started ballet at age 4 and has since participated in every Musical, Concert and competition she possibly could. In Primary school, she started Hip Hop classes in the SADTA syllabus and later transitioned to AIDT training, adding Tap and Contemporary styles to her repertoire and still actively enjoys these 4 dance disciplines.

She represented South-Africa as part of the SA Dance Team, in the World Dance Masters in Croatia. In 2017, she completed her AIDT Hip Hop and Associate exams, as well as the necessary AIDT Tap exams to commence with her Associate Training in this discipline.

In her own capacity Larissa started teaching pre-school ballet in 2013. Thereafter she taught her own ‘Love for Dance classes’ (combining ballet, contemporary and musical theatre disciplines) for the next 3 years, for children, students and adults. In 2015, she choreographed Maragon Olympus’ concert, and also started a Children’s Dance Ministry team at Doxa Deo Brooklyn.

She currently teaches ROHD’s Hopeful Hopper (Pre-School) Ballet-, Love for Dance-, Hip Hop- and Tap classes for children and adults. She is also still part of their Pure Hope Outreach, teaching ballet and Hip Hop. She is also leading the Dance Ministry at Doxa Deo Brooklyn, and doing Garsfontein Laerskool’s revue. She is also the Choreographer of the Jona Musical in September 2021. Having also completed her Pastoral Counselling and Psychology Degree in 2017, she hopes to combine counselling and dance, as practical form of therapy in the near future.

Larissa recently won the reality TV show, Ster-Status/Apprentices 2021 SA to follow her dream to open doors in the Industry, but to also make a difference in the lives of women.

Marika Botha


Marika qualified as a teacher in the Cecchetti Ballet method. She has passed her Advanced 1 exam and is working towards her Advanced 2. She is also a member of the Spanish dance Society of South Africa, having achieved her Segundo Año estudiante exam and currently also working towards the Instructor de Baile exam. She still enjoys dancing and performing with the Montoya Spanish Dance Academy and Theatre.

Mia Uys


Mia is a passionate and hardworking ballet teacher that is in love with the art of Ballet. She has been dancing since the age of 3 and will probably still dance until the day her legs stop working.

She is a qualified ballet teacher in the Cecchetti method. She completed her Associate Certificate in 2018. She also completed her Advanced 2 exam under Michelle Naudé in R.A.D in 2016. She is experienced in both schools of ballet and this allows her to use the knowledge of both in her teaching. She is a registered member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D) in London. She matriculated at Hoërskool Waterkloof with Dance Studies as one of her major subjects. Her wide variety of training has given her the privilege of acquiring knowledge in theater, choreography, various dance styles as well as music studies and anatomy.

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We appreciate the help of short term volunteers on a regular basis. They help facilitate our Term End Events; help with occasional transport needs or help with make-up/costuming needs for our annual shows, bubble washing parties/ costume sorting socials etc… By adding your name to our database you will know when and with what we need specific help with, so you can reach out/show up when you have the time.

Join our Stage Coach Internship Program

Are you between 19-25?
Are you a classically trained dancer who has completed up to intermediate level syllabi work?
Are you unsure of what to do after school and how dance will fit into your future?
Would you like your life as a dancer to minister at every opportunity?
Do you dream of dancing or teaching professionally, but would like a trial-run to see if it really is for you?


Whether you’re aiming for the professional stage or
entering the stage of life,
Our Stage Coach Internship Program can help you place yourself in any position and learn to move with meaning….

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Running Costs

Enable one student at ROHO’s dance education on a monthly basis.

By donating the R250 monthly/ R3000 annual cost on their behalf.

Specific Projects:

  • Pro-Arte Alphen Park Education Bursaries
  • YDCT Dance Bursaries
  • Dance Attire
  • Annual Show/Outreaches
  • Staff Development Bursaries
  • Dance Dreams Workshop/Winter School
  • Dance Exams
  • Teaching Resources
  • Identity Building Term End Events

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Donate Funds

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